Write an essay based on the following chart. In your writing, you should
1)interpret the chart, and
2)give your comments.
You should write about 150 words on the ANSWER SHEET. (15 points)


An Study of College Students’ Traveling Purposes

As can be apparently illustrated /depicted in the pie graph, the purposes of the students of a college can be divided into five parts, with admiring the scenery and relieving the pressure, making friends, developing their independent capabilities and the rest accounting for 37 %, 33%, 6%, 9% and 15 % respectively. Isolated as the figures seem to be in the pie graph, as a matter of fact, they are connected with one another closely.

Obviously, a variety of complicated factors contribute to the phenomenon illustrated in the chart above, with the following two ones being the foremost. To begin with, among the most convincing reasons offered by people for this phenomenon, one should be emphasized that the improvement of our society and the progress of science and technology put the most pressure on the college students, which make them tired and bored toward their work and study. In addition to this, another equally vital point to be considered is that college students’ attitudes towards travel constitute a major reason for the phenomenon.

Just as an old proverb says, “every coin has its two sides.” The situation of college students’ traveling is no exception. From what has been discussed above, what we should pay attention is to encourage the positive effects and eliminate its negative influence as far as possible.