As we can see from the picture, a young mother was holding a little girl’s hand thirty years ago and now the girl is holding her mother’s arm. The girl and the mother always walk in step with each other. The author’s real purpose is not as simple as the picture itself, but to lead observers to find out what hides behind the iceberg.

When we were little children, we needed to rely on our parents. They give us our lives, give us support and all their love. They always provide us with all the things that they have. When we grow up, our parents become older. Then they need us to take care of them. However, as young people are quite busy with their working, they rarely have time to visit their parents, talk with them and accompany them, which leads many parents to become empty nesters. They live lonely and they long for a chat with their children to share happiness and sorrow in the life. In order to reduce the loneliness of our parents, we should go to visit our parents frequently and take care of them. Even if we are quite busy for a certain period, we should call our parents on a daily basis to get to know their feelings and physical conditions.

In conclusion, we need to accompany our parents in their lives, just as what they did when we were young. We should spare time to visit our parents and suffice their wishes. In this case, the world will be full of love.