As is vividly depicted in the two pictures, the relationship between parents and children has changed through time. Thirty years ago, our mothers were taking great care of us; but now, it is our turns to care for our mothers.

The aim of the portrayal is to illustrate the meaning of caring for our aged parents. In the first place, when we were young, our parents were devoting much of their time and energy to us. They poured all their love on us with little consideration of themselves. How great our parents are! Moved by this, we cannot but respect them and take care of them when they get old. In the second place, our parents become old as we grow up. With years going by, we become stronger and stronger, while our parents are no longer strong enough. Therefore, we have the obligation to look after our aging parents.

There is too much we can do for our parents. For example, we should care for our parents’ mental health as well as their physical fitness. We are obliged to stay with them as often as possible, as our parents prefer to have their children around them after they get old. Besides, we can buy presents for our parents at some big events such as their birthdays and wedding anniversaries. The presents can transit our love to them, and they are happy with the knowledge that we love them. So let’s give our love to our parents, without whom we can’t grow up.