This is a tremendously interesting and thought-provoking picture. From the left picture, it describes a young mother holding a little girl’s hand. However, when you look at the right part of the drawing, you will see another picture which stands in marked contrast to the right part: an adult female supporting an old mother’s with her hand. As is vividly shown by the picture, the issue of the aging population in China has become a major concern around our society, which is increasingly serious.

The picture is attempting to convey a thought-provoking message.

Filial piety has been advocated as a traditional Chinese virtue throughout history. In the first place,  every step of a child’s growth, from birth to death, bears so much time and energy of the parents and above all, their unselfish love. So our parents rightly deserve our reward—love, respect, care and support. Whatis more, family relationship is very much like a mirror. If you smile upon it, it will smile back upon you. By treating our parents kindly, we will set an example for our sons and daughters and gain their respect and love in return.

In a word, it is our innate obligation to be filial to our parents.