Part ⅡCloze Test 共十分 Directions: For each numbered blank in the following passage,there are four choices marked [A],[B],[C]and[D].Choose the best one and mark your answer on ANSWER SHEET 1 by blackening the corresponding letter in the brackets with a pencil.(10 points)

The government is to ban payments to witnesses by newspapers seeking to buy up people involved in prominent cases (31)[] the trial of Rosemary West.
In a significant (32)[] of legal controls over the press,Lord Irvine,the Lord Chancellor,will introduce a (33)[] bill that will propose making payments to witnesses (34)[] and will strictly control the amount of (35)[] that can be given to a case (36)[] a trial begins.
In a letter to Gerald Kaufman,chairman of the House of Commons media select committee,Lord Irvine said he (37)[] with a committee report this year which said that self regulation did not (38)[] sufficient control.
(39)[] of the letter came two days after Lord Irvine caused a (40)[] of media protest when he said the (41)[] of privacy controls contained in European legislation would be left to judges (42)[] to Parliament.
The Lord Chancellor said introduction of the Human Rights Bill,which (43)[] the European Convention on Human Rights legally (44)[] in Britain,laid down that everybody was (45)[] to privacy and that public figures could go to court to protect themselves and their families.
“Press freedoms will be in safe hands (46)[] our British judges,”he said. Witness payments became an (47)[] after West was sentenced to 10 life sentences in 1995. Up to 19 witnesses were (48)[] to have received payments for telling their stories to newspapers.Concerns were raised (49)[] witnesses might be encouraged to exaggerate their stories in court to (50)[] guilty verdicts.
 [A]as to
 [B]for instance
 [C]in particular
 [D]such as