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Section VI Chinese-English Translation

Translate the following sentences into English. (15 points)

1. 随着时间的过去,他将会懂得我所讲的话。

2. 听说那个地区的工厂比1970年增加了两倍。

3. 在这个季节保持蔬菜新鲜可不容易。

4. 只要我们继续努力工作,我们就能提前完成任务。

5. 尽管我们的政治和经济制度存在着巨大差异,我们两国在许多方面有着共同的利益。


Section VII: Chinese-English Translation (15 points)

1. As time goes on, he will understand what I said.

2. We have been told that there are now three times as many factories in that district as in 1970.

3. It is hard work keeping vegetables fresh in this season.

4. So long as we continue to work hard, we can finish the task ahead of schedule.

5. Despite the great differences between our political and economic systems, our two countries share a wide range of common interest.

Section VII English-Chinese Translation

Choose either of the following two passages and translate it into Chinese. (30 points)


In country after country, talk of non-smokers’right is in the air. While a majority of countries have taken little or no action yet, some 30 nations have introduced legislative steps to control smoking. Many laws have been introduced in other countries to help clear the air for nonsmokers, or to cut cigarette consumption.

In some developed countries the consumption of cigarettes has become more or less stabilized. However, in many developing nations, cigarette smoking is seen as a sign of economic progress —and is even encouraged. As more tobacco companies go international, new markets are sought to gain new smokers in those countries. For example, great efforts are made by the American tobacco industry to sell cigarettes in the Middle East and North Africa —where U.S. tobacco exports increased by more than 27 percent in 1974.

Smoking is harmful to the health of people. World governments should conduct serious campaigns against it. Restrictions on cigarette advertisements, plus health warnings on packages and bans on public smoking in certain places such as theatres, cinemas and restaurants, are the most popular tools used by nations in support of nonsmokers or in curbing smoking. But world attention also is focusing on another step which will make the smoker increasingly self-conscious and uncomfortable about his habit. Great efforts should be made to inform young people especially of the dreadful consequences of taking up the habit. And cigarette price should be boosted.

In the long run, there is no doubt that everybody would be much better-off if smoking were banned altogether, but people are not ready for such drastic action.


Nuclear power’s danger to health, safety, and even life itself can be summed up in one word: radiation.

Nuclear radiation has a certain mystery about it, partly because it cannot be detected by human senses. It can’t be seen or heard, or touched or tasted, even though it may be all around us. There are other things like that. For example, radio waves are all around us but we can’t detect them, sense them, without a radio receiver. Similarly, we can’t sense radioactivity without a radiation detector. But unlike common radio waves, nuclear radiation is not harmless to human beings and other living things.

At very high levels, radiation can kill an animal or human being outright by killing masses of cells in vital organs. But even the lowest levels can do serious damage. There is no level of radiation that is completely safe. If the radiation does not hit anything important, the damage many not be significant. This is the case when only a few cells are hit, and if they are killed outright. Your body will replace the dead cells with healthy ones. But if the few cells are only damaged, and if they reproduce themselves, you may be in a deformed way. They can grow into cancer. Sometimes this does not show up for many years.

This is another reason for some of the mystery about nuclear radiation. Serious damage can be done without the victim being aware at the time that damage has occurred. A person can be irradiated and feel fine, then die of cancer five, ten, or twenty years later as a result. Or a child can be born weak or liable to serious illness as a result of radiation absorbed by its grandparents.

Radiation can hurt us. We must know the truth.

Section VIII: English-Chinese Translation (30 points)








核辐射这种现象多少有点神秘,其部分原因是人类的官能无法觉察到它的存在。尽管我们周围可能都是辐射线,可是我们看不风它,听不到它, 摸不着它,也辨别不出它的味道。还有一些和它相类似的东西。例如,我们四周到处都是无线电波,但如果没有无线电接收器,我们就不能探测到或感觉到它的存在。同样,如果不用辐射探测器,我们也不能感觉到放射现象。但核辐射不同于普通的无线电波,它对人类以及其他生物不是无害的。







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