Write to a company, and apply for a post advertised in a newspaper.

Dear Sir or Madam,
I have read your advertisement in China Daily on 9 December for the post of Accountant, and would be grateful if you could consider me favorably as an applicant for the position.

My professional training and experience all contribute to my qualifications for the job. I graduate from the Department of Accounting in Guanghua Management School of Beijing University in 2013. You will note from my enclosed resume that I was awarded First-prize scholarship four times for my outstanding academic performance. After graduation, I worked as an accountant in Beijing New Oriental Education and Technology Group. I hope that such working experience can be taken into favorable consideration.

I have enclosed a resume for your reference. I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation if you could let me know the result of my application in due course.

Sincerely yours,
Li Ming





Write an essay based on the following chart in your writing, you should
1)interpret the chart, and
2)give your comments
You should write about 150 words.

The bar chart above illustrates the various reasons that college students find it increasingly difficult in getting jobs. From the perspective of employers, the lack of practical experience, excessive expectations and financial crisis ranks the first, accounting for 57.1%, 42.3% and 36.9% respectively.

The job market for college graduates is getting tighter and tighter. To begin with, with the social competition becoming keener, college graduates should be well-equipped with practical experience which suits the demand of the society. Otherwise, they will fond no place for themselves. Unfortunately, the majority of them lack adequate practical ability and operative skills. What is more, another reason is connected with their attitude towards employment. A large number of graduates put earnings above anything else. They aim at the well-paid position in foreign corporations or big banks and set a standard as high as RMB 5,000 for their monthly salary. Since below that they won’t accept any job, many opportunities have been lost. Obviously, if they have realistic expectation of how much they should earn in the beginning of their career, it won’t be difficult for them to get a job.

With the increasing college population, employment for graduates will become more serious. Among many solutions, having a correct attitude toward it is an extremely crucial one.